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CannAmm Supply Order Sheet

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Calibration Adapter Kit (Lifeloc Only)
DOT Alcohol Forms (100/pkg)
Dry Gas Tank - 34L (Lifeloc Only)
Mouthpieces - 250/pkg (Lifeloc 6.0, FC-10, EV-30)
Non-DOT Alcohol Forms (100/pkg)
Permafix Printer Labels (190/roll, 4 roll/box)
Tamper Evident Tape (Thin Strips, Yellow)
Zip-R Weld Confidential Tape
AlcoScreen 02 (24/box)
Dynacare Chain of Custody DOT
Dynacare Chain of Custody Non-DOT
GENT Forms (for express testing)
Innovacon Kits - Express Kits (25/box)
Oral Fluid Kits - Quantisal
Purolator Waybills - Dynacare East
Purolator Waybills - Dynacare West
Split Collection Cups (100/box)
Special notes or instructions
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